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These are the personal work, illustrations and animations of Maria Stark. Ink on paper is my superpower and I lean towards mystisicm and storytelling for children and adults. If you have questions about collaborations, making commissions or buying prints, press the button and send me an e-mail.

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Small connections

This is a personal project on how to make people feel less lonely. One downside of social media is the increasing number of people feeling left out. So how can we make best use of a platform that is designed for reaching out to others? We make small connections...

The Dances

A serie of colorful images inspires by nature, symmetry and imperfection. An attempt to restore balance in my creative process by going beyond my usual artistic path and try something different.

Cut outs.



The Gothic Rabbits

My friend lended me his 3D-printer and in exchange I made him a drawing. When I asked what he wanted he said "something gothic". He and his girlfriend has rabbits so I thought two gothic bunnies would be a success. It was.

Drawn with ink on paper, colored with Copic markers.

Prince Blue-Feather

This is the first of three images that tells the story about the fate of Prince Blue-Feather - once alive in a vivid court, now faded in a deep and strange sleep.


"Prince Blue-Feather, is still resting.

His heart beating, once with every moon."

Drawn with ink on paper, colored with Copic markers.


Ronald eating a burger!

Coulrophobia alert! Gifted to my McDonalds-lovin cousin for Christmas. It's Ronald McDonald eating a McFeast. He was lovin it.

Drawn with ink on paper, colored with Copic markers.


Inspired by the brilliant movie Midsommar by Ari Aster. We see Dani tangled up in the fire that turnes to grass in her feet. She is flying just as much as she is falling. All while the sun and yellow death spin and twirl around her like the smoke that is is both the reason for her dispair as well as the cathartic liberation.


Drawn with ink on paper, A3. Digitally colored.


Kitsune no yomeiri

Forget about wedding photos - we're doing wedding illustrations now. This drawing was commissioned for the bride's 40th birthday and the keywords were "something foresty and magical". The marriage had taken place at her family house in a beech forest, and what could be more magically foresty than that?


Drawn with ink on paper, 500x700 mm. Digitally colored.

Calan Mai

​The Welsh holiday Calain Mai takes place half way through spring equinox and summer solstice. It's celebrated to welcome and mark the start of the summer and is similar to the bonfires of Walpurgis Night and the celtic Beltane. As part of the celebration there was a staged fight between men dressed up as winter and summer.

Drawn with ink on paper, A5.


Words & Pals

This was a wonderful passion project made by me and my friend Alexandra Lund. The terms were simple - one of us came up with a four letter word, the other one with a color palette, and the next time we switched. From that we created a looping animation and published on Instagram.

The project and animations got featured on WeTransfer. There is power in passion projects.



So I made a book (that has not yet been published) - "Det Mystiska Alfabetet". Or "The Mythical Alphabet" in English.

You know those letter posters with pretty flowers and cute animals next to every letter? I wanted to do one with mythical creatures instead. I also quickly realized that it would grow from poster to a book.

Drawn with ink on paper, A4. Digitally colored.

Det Mystiska Alfabetet

Crowded Family Nights_edited.jpg

Home Series

These are created during covid with all that time spend at home. It was part longing for the outside world, part loving where I am and never want to be anywhere else. I am lucky to have seen so much of this world as I have when I could, and I am happy to have this big crowded bed, filled with warmth and love to call my home.

Digitally made.


I came across these old Norwegian folklore stories called Huldresägner. The publication was from the 19th century but the stories are much, much older. One story called Qvarnsägner, was split into three and the common theme and setting was mills. The one inspiring this illustration was about a household goblin making hell for the miller.


Drawn with ink and pencil, A5.

1970-01-01 01.00_edited.jpg

Linocut Thumbelina


When I was a kid I had a pillow with a print of a wild grown summers field. It had tall grass, dandelions, lily of the valley and it made me feel like I was so small I could live under the flowers. When I had a daughter I wanted to give her something similar, so I created this Thumbelina-inspired linocut to inspire dreams of adventure and safety 🌿🐝

Linocut prints, A3.

Little Swipe

Master animator and designer Simon Appel designed this adorable app for children called Little Swipe. With him as art director I animated the animals frame by frame and created the "group picture" with the logo. I can really appriciate beautifully designed childrens stuff.


My cousin wanted me to make him a drawing for his birthday some year ago, and this is what I made. He and his sister (my other cousin) grew up in a small community in the north of Sweden called Själevad. From their house you could see this church - a one of a kind hexagonal building. This is us three as little kids playing in the snow outside the church. A precious memory of  family, friendship and childhood.

Drawn with ink and pencil, A4. Digitally colored.

The Church of Själevad


Sing along-cards


It's funny how much your kid inspires you. I collaborated with teacher and friend Johanna Wallin to make these 16 sing a long-cards for kindergarden. On one side is the lyrics to a song and on the other is a picture of the song. You have all the cards in a bag, pick one randomly and sing it. So simple but so much fun!

Digitally made.

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