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Calan Mai

​The Welsh holiday Calain Mai takes place half way through spring equinox and summer solstice. It's celebrated to welcome and mark the start of the summer and is similar to the bonfires of Walpurgis Night and the celtic Beltane.


There was a staged fight between one person dressed as winter and one as summer. Winter had white cotton in his shield and a stick made of blackthorne. Summer had a stick made of willow and was decorated in flowers and garlands. Spoiler alert! Summer won.

I very much enjoy making pagan themed illustrations. There is something that makes sense in following the breath of nature. Even though we're not as close to nature now as we once were, I think it's benificial for us to feel the seasons change, understand how it affects us and what possibilities comes with them.

Drawn with ink on paper, A5.

Calain Mai
Calain Mai
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