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Det Mystiska Alfabetet

So I made a book that got turned down by every publisher I contacted (I blame the fateful year of 2020) - "Det Mystiska Alfabetet". Or "The Mythical Alphabet" in English.

You know those letter posters with pretty flowers and cute animals next to every letter? I wanted to do one with mythical creatures instead. I also quickly realized that it would grow from poster to a book.


For A we have Anubis, B for Baba Yaga, C for Cyclop, D for Dragon, E for Enhörning ("unicorn" in Swedish) etc. Including the cover, I made 30 pen and ink drawings and colored them digitally. Next to every picture there is a short text about the creature. It would be nice to do an English version as well! And it would make such a pretty book...

Drawn with ink on paper, A4. Digitally colored.

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