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Small Connections

Small Connections is a deck of cards with actions that will help you deepen the relations with people around you. The cards are created around the idea about small talk and feeling seen, which has a great positive effect on us and is a true ally in the fight against loneliness. 

Even though the digital era has given us a vast number of opportunities to connect with near and dear ones, strangers, neighbours et cetera - we feel lonely. And it’s not healthy. The connections we make are too shallow to affect us in a positive way. The fast pace and one way-windows into other people’s lives can create more feelings of missing out than being included.

So how do we make good use of social media without the risk of feeling overwhelmed? We make small actions to deepen connections in our everyday life!


The cards are divided into categories like Family and Friends, Colleagues and Strangers. You can pick one random card everyday or you can choose the ones that resonate with you the most.

Who is it for? Those who feel overwhelmed by social media. Those who want more than just a like and a comment. Age span would be around 25 and up - those who are not as interested in influencers as the younger consumers. 

With this tool they will be inspired to act and since the actions are low in effort, there are no need for radical changes that can be intimidating. 

I also wanted the actions to feel fun and easy to perform, hence a deck. I present nine cards here, the full product would have around 20-30 cards. It could also be an app.

I chose to illustrate in a playful and accessible style with a friendly color palette and blue as a primary color, since it’s a common color in social media.

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