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The Church close up

The Church of Själevad

My cousin wanted me to make him a drawing for his birthday the other year, and this is what I made. He and his sister (my other cousin) grew up in a small community in the north of Sweden called Själevad where I spend all my summer and winter school breaks. They were like brother and sister to me. The summer days and nights were bright and endless. The winters was filled with snow and stars.

From their house - a big yellow house that had room for our entire family - you could see this church. It's a one of a kind hexagonal building and a strong symbol for Själevad. Our grandfather and grandmother lies in the graveyard beneath the church, and when you sit by their grave you can see straight through the windows of that big yellow house. Now with another big family living their life, celebrating their Christmas and looking at that church.

This is us three as little kids playing in the snow outside the church. A precious memory of family, friendship and childhood.

Drawn with ink and pencil, A4. Digitally colored.

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